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Petley Patterns

Design service call

Design service call

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I'm a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and designer, with a passion for surface pattern design and animation. I've spent the last four decades building a creative toolset in nearly every medium and style imaginable. Now I'm putting all those years of creative growth into one highly focused service.

Design is a diverse and immensely creative profession, because every product needs just the right voice in order to stand out, and just the right designer to understand what those specific needs are. My vast artistic experience makes me uniquely positioned to build you that perfect aesthetic.

IMPORTANT - please leave your desired contact information in the notes upon checkout. Phone, email, zoom, etc. However you prefer to communicate.

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design service includes three phases

- Creative consultation 

It's important in the beginning stages for us to understand one another's needs. I want to know all about you and the product or products you intend to showcase your patterns on. And you'll also want to know about me, your potential designer, and feel our creative visions are in alignment. Here we'll discuss color palettes, personal preferences, potential motifs, styles, tastes, etc. I want you to be absolutely sure we're right for one another. If either of us isn't completely comfortable working together I'll immediately refund your deposit - art can be very personal and subjective, so no hard feelings.

- Rough Drafts

Before we get to the fun stuff, it's important to discover what is not working, and to discuss how we can improve upon it. Remember, I'm here to help you solve your problem. The drafting phase should only take a handful of tries to get right, assuming we've down the work in the first phase of consultation. Here I'll present you with my interpretation of your vision, usually in the form of loosely developed motifs and a variety of color choices all at once. However, anything beyond three attempts will incur further fees as I'll discuss below. And any work done during this drafting phase will forfeit your $100 deposit.

- The Pattern

Here we'll work out the final surface pattern design. Similar to the last phase, I'll present you with up to two finished pattern repeats, and additional attempts will incur additional fees. But If we've made it this far, I'm certain this won't be a problem.

Each finalized pattern will include a vector file, working files, and any other files needed upon request (jpeg, png, pdf, etc.) Your deposit will be deducted from the final fee upon completion.

Fees include

$100 initial deposit (forfeited after project is confirmed) 

$275 per pattern

$50 for each additional rough or repeat

Thank you for considering me for you design needs. I'm grateful.




Punch it up with animation, and a bit of logo mojo. Together, we’ll dig deep into your mission, message, and voice, and elevate your brand aesthetic in new and exciting ways, with real, frame by frame animations, thoughtfully rendered by an experienced, creative professional, without the use of AI.

1-2 week turnaround - With optimal communication and assets, you can expect prompt professional timeframes.

3 second animations - Three seconds is all you need for your logo to light up screens of all kinds. 

High resolution and media ready formats  - You’ll be ready to post your new brand animation to your favorite social media, straight from your phone, or thread it into your bigger projects. 

3 revisions - complete redesigns of fundamental changes do not qualify as revisions and may be subject to additional fees. 


Tier 1 - Approximately three seconds of simple sleek animation, featuring your brand logo, with limited additional graphics. Logo and static assets provided by you, the client, with the exception of rendered variations necessary for animation. $150, 10 - 15 days

Tier 2 - Three to five seconds of dynamic animation, new asset creation, video layering. (logo design not included) $300, 20 - 40 days

Tier 3 - Complete Brand aesthetic. Logo design and 5 seconds of animation from the ground up. $500 minimum. Particular needs will determine your total price and turnaround time expectations.

 LOGO DESIGN - You just need a great logo. No problem 3-5  reworks, $200, 5 -10 days, up 6 complete redesigns.

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